Hoist Lift / Cage Hoist

Hoist Lift / Cage Hoist

Hydraulic Goods Hoist Lift Manufacturers

Hydraulic Goods Hoist Lift Suppliers in India

Hydraulic Goods Hoist Lift Suppliers

Hydraulic Goods Hoist Lift Suppliers in India

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hydraulic goods lift manufacturer

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These are useful for safe lifting of material in chemical, Pharma plant & other industries. Hoist Type Lift is mostly used where the Shaft size is less as compared to the Cabin size required. Since, here is no requirement of Counter Weight Frame; we can occupy the area required for Counter Weight Frame by enlarging the Cabin size. MS fabricated cage cabin is guided by ‘T’ guide rails on opposite sides for smooth lifting of material or goods. Collapsible floor doors are provided with electro-mechanical door locking arrangement for safety so that the cage will not move unless all the outside doors are closed properly. Landing door is locked electro-mechanically. The presence of the Cabin will enable the respective Landing door to open. When landing door and Cage door is open on any floor, all other floors door will be locked. Up and down Final Limit switches safety is provided.

JAYCO provide "T" guides for balanced loading and Shoe guide for smooth and efficient Lifting & Lowering.The goods lift is being operated by push button station fixed outside the cage on respective floors. The operation logic is "lift can be called for or sent from any floor to any other floor level". The cage movement automatically stops in case if any floor door is open because floor doors are provided with mechanical and electrical locking arrangement. Hence unless all floor doors is closed properly lift cannot be started.

Available in :

Capacity up to 5000 Kg.

Cage size upto 4 mtr (Width) & 4 mtr (Depth).

Entry/Exit Direction- Same side, Opposite sides & ‘L’ Type.

Also available with Flame Proof Electricals & SS cage construction suitable for GMP/hazardous gas groups I, II, IIA & IIC in Chemical & Pharmaceutical plants.

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