Wall Mounted JIB Cranes

Jib cranes assist the staff, multiplying human efforts and are an invaluable material handling solutionfor a standalone workstation or machine assembly area. Jib Cranes for a single workstation or group of workstations allows for efficient material handling by reducing wait time for an overhead crane.

JAYCO designs and manufactures Jib Cranes to suit specific requirements, handling loads precisely and effortlessly. Our Jib Cranes comes with easily Rotating Arm in 180º or 360º of rotation. This rotating Arm is either mounted on wall, self-supporting floor mounted column or pillar supports. Jib Cranes are useful for loading or unloading material on machine tools & trucks.

Wire Rope Electric Hoists, Chain Hoists or Chain Pulley Block does the lifting and moving duty on these Jib Cranes.

Jib Cranes are divided into two subcategories:

Jib Crane with column : These have their main pillars fixed with the ground. These are usually used in industries to handle medium and low weights. It is possible to install motors for movement though by default it is manually operated. Column mounted Jib Cranes are necessary when no other appropriate support near a workstation is available.

Jib Crane at wall : These cranes are typically bounded to an existing structure such as the pillars or walls or columns. The operative characteristics are quite similar to a Jib Crane with column. These cranes are manufactured to meet the ISO standards. Wall mounted Jib Cranes are ideal solutions for workstations located near walls or vertical structures.

Technical Specification

 Safe Working Load – upto 6000 kgs

 Arm Radius – Approx. 8 mtrs.

 Rotation – Manually by hand or motorized rotation.

 Lifting – By Wire Rope Electric Hoists, Chain Hoists or Chain Pulley Block.

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