Battery Operated Hydraulic Stacker

Battery Operated Hydraulic Stacker

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Hydraulic Stacker Trolley Suppliers in India

Hydraulic Stacker Trolley Suppliers in India

Hydraulic Stacker Trolley

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JAYCO offers an extensive range of hydraulic stackers that are fabricated using high quality raw material. We are manufacturing Hydraulic Stackers that are designed in order to reduce pulling power and minimize fatigue. These hydraulic stackers come in a capacity of 500 kg to 2500 kg.

Battery Operated / Hydraulic Semi Electric Stacker

JAYCO manufactured Hydraulic Semi Electric Stacker of supreme quality. Our Semi Electric Stackers are extensively used to stack or line up finished or semi-finished products or consignments. These are fabricated using the highest-grade raw materials and under stringent norms of quality. It is operated by 24 Volts DC battery. These are mostly used where frequent Loading, Unloading & Internal Transfer of material is done. Since there is no cable connection, it can be used over long range.

Features :

 Light & Compact Construction

 Ergonomically designed

Applications :

 Press shops for loading & unloading of heavy dies, molds,etc.

 Plastic & rubber industries for loading of molds

 Stores for stacking of materials, trays, boxes.

 Loading & unloading material in trucks.

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