Explosion Proof Hoist

Explosion Proof Hoists Manufacturers and Suppliers in Mumbai

Explosion Proof Hoists Manufacturers and Suppliers in Mumbai

Explosion Proof Hoists Manufacturers and Suppliers in Mumbai

JAYCO manufactured Explosion Proof Hoist are compact, rugged & elegant in appearance to accommodate specific requirements, flexible trolleys to negotiate small radius, high speeds & high lifts, hoists suitable for steel mill duty, foundries & chemicals plants.This can be manufactured on the basis of a clients’ requirement.

This is widely used in many areas which would help in reducing the physical work done by the mankind. The Hoists are of Fixed Type or Movable with Travelling Trolleys. Top-quality trolley hoists have a low headroom configuration that provides the lowest headroom possible by positioning the trolley parallel with the beam.

Types of Explosion Proof Hoist Travelling Trolleys
  •  Motorized Travelling Trolley
  •  Geared Travelling Trolley
  •  Manual Push Pull Travelling Trolley

JAYCO Explosion Proof Hoist are a truly unique hoist offering engineered for maximum operator comfort and control. Available in different capacity ranging from 500 Kg to 20,000 Kg. with different adjustable speeds these hoists are able to handle awkward loads by providing precise load positioning. A range of speeds make this hoist the perfect solution for many difficult product handling problems and smooth hoist travel.Slow Micro Speed, Radial Trolleys for curved radius, high speed, higher lift hoists for use in Cement, Chemical, Pharma, Steel, Fertilizer, Plastic & other industries. 


CONSTRUCTION HOISTS  are of fabricated modular construction & consist of separate individual units such as Brake, Motor, Gear Box, Wire Rope Drum, Electrical Control Panel & Travelling Trolley. All these units are easily accessible for repairs & maintenance without disturbing each other. Also available in FLAME PROOF CONSTRUCTION suitable for hazardous atmosphere gas groups I, II A, II B & II C.

BRAKE – 100% Failsafe instant action brake automatically actuates on power failure.

LIMIT SWITCHES – are provided as a safety device to prevent over hoisting & over lowering. Limit Switches are easily adjustable for the required working height.

PENDENT – Push Button Station operate on low voltage of 42/110 volts which ensures safety to the operator.

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