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Drum Trolley & Stacker

Hydraulic Drum Lifter Manufacturers in india

Hydraulic Drum Lifter Suppliers

Hydraulic Drum Lifter Manufacturers

drum lifter manufacturers in india

drum lifter manufacturers

drum lifter

hydraulic drum lifter manufacturers

drum lifter suppliers in india

drum lifter suppliers

JAYCO offers battery operated Drum Stackers for stacking 2 to 3 drums vertically thus saving precious space & easy handling of drums.

Hydraulic Drum Lifter & Tilter
JAYCO offers high performing hydraulic drum lifter & tilter which are mainly used in chemical & pharma industries. These are single man operated trolleys for vertical lifting, horizontal transportation & 360 deg rotation of drum. 

  • Tilting with worm  gear, provides positive self locking at every position of tilt
  • The damages & wastage  are totally avoided.
  • Capacity upto 350 kg.
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