Chain Pulley Block with Push Pull Trolley

JAYCO designed Chain Pulley Block are perfect to meet the modern material handling requirements. These Chain Pulley Blocks are highly safe, light‐weight, easy to handle, sturdy, durable and are very reliable.

JAYCO Chain Pulley Blocks ranges from 500 kg to 30 Ton with lifting height ranging from 1 Mtr to 100 Mtr.

These are heavy duty Manual Chain Pulley Blocks and pulling effort requirement is relatively lower than competition. Chain Blocks are widely used in factories, mines, docks, warehouse, construction sites, agriculture and other fields, to lift goods and lifting equipment, in particular in conditions with no power supply.

For travelling on I-Beam Push Pull Trolley is used, Push Pull Trolley minimizes the time required to displace the loaded Chain Pulley Block from on side to other & mostly used where large amount of displacement needed or Material transfer rate is greater of fast.

Features :

 Minimum Order of Quantity: As per clients requirement.

 Delivery Time: Minimum time required.

 Sizes Available: As per clients requirement.

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